No Playgroup for Us Today but We did do a Tuesday Tackle instead

I had just dropped Billy at school and was on my way to playgroup when I heard a strange noise from the back seat. I looked in my rear vision mirror and saw an unhappy Daniel with vomit all over him. I pulled over and wiped him up a bit. Drove the rest of the way to the playgroup told them I wouldnt be there today and why. I help set up and am usually the first one there so I felt it was important to let them know as quickly as I could that I wouldnt be there.

Then we went home. I gave Daniel a nice warm bath which he loves. He knows the word bath and gets excited. He seems ok apart from a yukky nappy. Washed his car-seat and decided that while I was at home and while it is Tuesday here today best get stuck into my Tuesday Tackle for this week.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

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This tackle is going to be completed tomorrow 🙂 I have heaps of washing to do


Tonight we had a picnic dinner at the nearby children’s park.  Billy has wanted to do this for some weeks now


My first Tackle It Tuesday~*~Tuesday 2some ~*~ A Tag ~*~and A Prayer

Posted On January 30, 2007

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Over the last few days Janice has been writing a 2 part blog entry about procrastination and I hang up my head in shame and confess I am one too. Janice has been running Tackle it Tuesday since May 26 last year and I have at last to join them.

My Hall

I have been thinking this area has been a problem for a while. We are busy and probably lazy and instead of the dirty clothes getting around the corner to the laundry they tend to get thrown in here. My excuse is that I thrown things in here in the rush of looking after Daniel. Poor excuse A????

Also I have wanted to clean out this cupboard for sometime. I think it contains my photo album.

So here are the before photos (I hang up head in shame)


and the after shots and YES I did find my photo album so at some stage I will be able to load them on to the computer and blog about them. We also have a new rule that dirty washing goes in the basket in the hall. I also hang a new curtain shower up that I found 🙂

after-2.jpg after-1.jpg



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How often do I update my blog?


How often do I comment on other people’s sites


How often do I change the layout of our site?

Yhe basic layout stays the same. I add buttons as I find me that interest me

Do I ever feel guilty that I don’t reciprocate comments or don’t I really care?

sometimes but I go visit the commenter even if I don’t say anything to them on my blog

How many sites on average do I visit daily and of those, how many do I comment on?

I visit 12 sites that aren’t blogs and so I don’t comment on them

They are sites like Trademe, Stuff, my Bible    readings and my email programmes

Of blogs I have 25 (I must say this has been radically reduced in the last few months) so I don’t get bogged down and this way I feel I can build better friendships with my chosen 22 people and their families. I comment on most of their blogs everyday.



bagtag-large_big.jpgA tag from Jana

The Rules

Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the en, you need to chose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to them them.


1. I’m gullible – don’t get any ideas that wouldn’t be fair!!!

2 When I lived in Auckland I would go round the long way to avoid roundabouts

3 Fluorescent lights give me headaches – I don’t like them

4 I use to be a night owl, now I’m not really a night owl nor have I ever liked getting up in the morning. Is it possible to be an afternoon person?

5 I use to suck my thumb till I got braces (13 years old) and found it was too much of a mouthful

6 I cant stand unsweetened yogurt (but would live on the normal type if I could), mustard, pickles, gherkins and beer

I don’t know if these are really all that weird but I think I’m pretty normal so this was a hard meme

I’m going to tag Melany, Amy, Furry Hurricane – Christina‘s cat, Janice, Lil duckduck,Michelle

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~

I’m the prayer warrior and I do pray for you all but Ive been thinking recently I should record the prays I am praying for you all. So every time from now on that I blog I’m going to include prayers in my posts. This will also allow you to pray for these people if you so wish.


Today I’m praying for these people.

Mr NMOTB’s new and own business venture and Mrs NMOTB‘s for her poor aching muscles

Tuesday Twosome – Meme

Posted On January 23, 2007

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The last two movies I watched

Well . . . I dont go to the movies a lot so I cant remember

The last two TV shows I watched

Close Up, Coronation Street (which Im listening to as I type this and will watch properly once I have posted this)

The last two items I purchased

entry fee for the swimming pools for myself, and my two sons; drink and food from McDs

The last two beverages I drank

water, summer smoothie from McDs

The last two internet sites I surfed before going to the Tuesday twosome site

Question of the Day

Trade me