My Weekend & Walking A Mile In My Shoes….

Posted On September 3, 2007

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In the morning I took the boys to the shops. We got a photo developed and framed for Fathers Day which was yesterday.

In the afternoon we had hair cuts even Daniel got a number 4

Saturday night Billy went to a youth group sleepover you can read about that more here


I went to the early church service so I could pick Billy up from the sleepover. Most of the mothers were picking their children up at that time so I thought it would be fairer to pick Billy up then than later in the morning as we did the option of doing.

In the afternoon we went over to our wonderful next door neighbors and helped them celebrate their daughters 5th birthday. And since it was Fathers Day the dads got a cake too 🙂

One of my bloggie friends is interested in what shoes we wear. Apparently you can tell a lot about a person from their shoes.

These are my comfortable sandals


These are my walking shoes (which I wear most days as well – I walk most days)



these shoes use to belong to a nurse i brought these shoes because i know nurses spend a lot of time on thir feet so i knew theyd be comfy for walking in.  Guess you could draw conclusions about me from this tidbit of info???

So what do your shoes look like?


Started walking again

Posted On June 29, 2007

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Back in this post I started thinking about my weight and fitness. Then I hurt my foot.

I use to walk but then stopped. I got lazy. It got more rainy and it was hard walking in the rain with Daniel. Today I decided to get back into it. Today I started by walking for 20 minutes when my washing was doing its thing in the laundromat. Then I walked part of the way to get Billy from school and back to the car equaling another 27 minute walk. I also have a skipping rope on order so I can skip inside when its raining outside. I read that a 10 minute skip equals a 30 minute jog. As I am not a jogging/running type of person Im going to build up skipping up slowly each time its raining.

I think the reason or at least part of the reason I have put on weight is because I (apart from doing the housework and looking after Daniel) am rather inactive.


Im going to keep a record of my walking here if you want to see how Im going and want to encourage me further.