Hero Tales – Book Review

cgchallenge07.jpgIve finished reading my second book in this Challenge

1248.jpg Hero Tales Book 1 Dave and Neta Jackson

This great book told true stories about the lives of Christian Heroes of the past. It was set out well. The first chapter about each hero was a summary of their life. The second and subsequent chapters told stories about their life. After each of these chapters there is a definition about the characteristic of that person. Then there is a bible verse and some questions to do with that chapter.

I had to laugh when I read about William Tyndale. He is the man that gave us the English bible. Before that the bible was only written in Latin. The archbishop reckoned that it should have been translated by a scholar not a priest. He sold up all the bibles and burnt them. However, what the archbishop forgot was that books sold in shops have a royality attached to them. Thus when Humphrey Monmouth a friend of William’s and shipping merchant produced bags and bags of coins and declared “Ha, ha-ho, ho,” “This is your share of the money from all the books that the archbishop bought – enough for an even larger printing!” (Jackson, 1996, page 172) As William Tyndale said “No one can stop God . . .” (Jackson, 1996, page 172) God has a sense of humour. Im sure He was smiling too. He has been able to have so many more people come to Him since the Bible has been translated into English.


Such reassurance :)

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