Muzz has Diabetes as does my bloggie friend Denise



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4 Responses to “Diabetes”

  1. Denise

    Thanks for putting this on your blog, I appreciate you. I will keep muzz in my prayers.Does he take pills or shots? I take five shots a day.

  2. Bonnie @ Grandparents Corner

    My husband also had diabetes, takes pills for it. My daughter had it too.

    God bless Muzz, and Denise.

    Prayers and hugs!

  3. Brenda Daniels

    Please pray for Brenda Daniels, the Dr. said that her kidney’s are failing… please pray

  4. Cindi

    Dear Jen,

    You are my constant prayer warrior and you have no idea how much your messages on my blog mean. As I fight the fight against diabetes, and heriditary angioedema and now my newly diagnosed epilepsy, I know that you will be saying a word for me too and I am humbled. A closer walk in His shadow is the anchor I am thankful for every day. Thank you for remembering me and adding me to your petitions to the cross. You are appreciated.


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