Works of God Weekend

Posted On September 9, 2007

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I want to thank God again this weekend for blessing me with Muzz.  Yesterday  I was really sick yesterday I had no energy and had a sore face and throat.  I laid around all day.  I read heaps of my book and Muzz bless him took over looking after the boys, changing nappies, making lunch, cooking dinner and cleaning up afterwards.  I am truly blessed to be able to have Muzz in my life.  Thank you God and thank you Muzz.


Encylopedia of Me I is for . . .

Posted On September 9, 2007

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I found “I” hard until I found this meme within a meme so Im going to use the questions too. Thanks to Creative Little Daisy where I got it from.


I am: a 37 year old sahm with a loving partner and 2 wonderful boys. I am a New Zealander

I want: to not be in pain my face still hurts a bit off to take a pain killer

I hate: Hate is such a strong word, so I really don’t like: people whom dont treat others as they would like them to treat them. This comes from many life experiences I have undergone and also I think my first ever memory verse (Luke 6:31) I self learnt as a child (because I liked it. Someone gave me a picture in a frame with it on). It must be noted this occurred within me when I wasnt even a Christian but was seeking even though I grew up in a unbelieving household.

I miss: my sister she lives many hours away with her family

I fear: heights

I hear: my boys (all 3 of them Muzz included) walking around

I wonder: what today holds install

I regret: not much Im pretty content with my life 🙂

I am not: feeling 100% better but Im better than yesterday

I dance: at playgroup especially when leading the children in singing time

I sing: often I like to sing Im not sure whether its so nice for the people around me though LOL 🙂

I cry: easily when finishing a sad story or watching a sad dvd

I am not always: blowing my nose but I suppose it gets rid of the gunk in my nose

I make things with my hands: that are creative for preschoolers

I write: and enjoy it

I confuse: Muzz sometimes when hes not listening very well (hes 80% deaf)

I need: to rest again today.  I also wonder whether this meme would be different if I did it on a different day when I arent getting over a cold 🙂

I should: continue my walking I think its a testamony to feeling a bit better already

I start: a project/doing something and usually finish it.  Im quite a determined person 

I finish: the day by reading my book in bed 🙂

Encylopedia of Me H is for . . .

Posted On September 8, 2007

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Historical Houses

I have always liked the 1900’s particularly the houses both inside and out.  This could have stemed from watching Upstairs Downstairs when I was a girl.  Once I use to think Id like to be a fine lady leaving in that time however due to more research its more likely I would have been a maid.  However this would have caused me problems too – once when I was a girl I visited one of the historic houses in Auckland and got stuck.  I was half way up the very steep high steps on my way to look at the maids sleeping quarters and because of my fear of heights I got stuck I couldnt go up nor down.  My father had to talk me down.

Hawkes Bay

I LOVE living here in the Bay.  We have been here 2 1/2 years.  Muzz has lived here all his life.  I love the fact that its both rural and townish.


This is what my throat and face are doing this morning.


Abduction- Book Review

Posted On September 7, 2007

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I have just finished my 5th book in this challengeab.gif

This was a real different genre for me I dont read a lot of Mystery/Suspense books but I would read more of them if they were as gripping as this one was. This is the story of a mothers struggle as she copes with first the disappearance of her tiny baby daughter then her husband. Her faith and her brother are what keep her strong as she undergoes this nightmarish time in her life. This is also the story of a psychic that is called in to help police with their investigations into who took not only the baby but many other little girls. The psychic knows a Christian lady and she has to decide how God feels about her psychic powers if she wants to become a Christian herself.

Encylopedia of Me G is for . . .

Posted On September 7, 2007

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Who is very important to me. Whom cant be summed up in a slide show. He is my everything. The one in whom I trust and depend on.

He is also to me very much 1 in 3. I believe very much too in His Son Jesus and in the Holy Spirit.

Lastly I believe God is the greatest artist ever

Works For Me: The Brand-Loyal Edition

Posted On September 6, 2007

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I have found these to be the best nappies at an ok price.  I did use to use to buy cheaper nappies but Ive found these to be the best for day and night use.

We actually buy a lot of Pam products from their milk to their  jams to their frozen veges and so the list goes on

  • Our Peanut butter, Ricies and Cornflakes all are Sanitarium products.  Years ago when I was a young mum with one child I also went did a nightclass with Sanitarium on cooking – vegetarian cooking.  So not only do they sell good healthy food but they care about New Zealanders health and well being too.
  • Fab laundry powder conc we dont actually shop at the supermarket where I found this link. Nevertheless Fab can be used in cold water and you dont need a extra fabric softener its built in which saves me $$
  • Lastly I buy a lot of budget products which are put out by a company foodstuffs  while these are plainly packeted they in my opinion are just as good as any of the fancier packaged products.  Whats more they are cheaper and more economically and to me thats important.


Encylopedia of Me F is for . . .

Posted On September 6, 2007

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To able to eat fish of any sort I have to KNOW its well scaled and boned. When I was a child I witnessed my favorite cousin chocking on a fish bone. He thank goodness was ok. I was left with this fear of fish.



Can you see how my 2nd finger is bent. This is an heredity trait. My father has a finger just like it.


‘I AM’ Bible Study Lesson Fourteen

Posted On September 5, 2007

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Burning Questions:

1. We talked of the importance of encouragement when God has called us to task. Has a lack of encouragement or even ridicule ever taken you back to a place of insuffiency you thought you had conquered?

I dont think so

2. Is there someone you know right now who is attempting a new ministry that could use a world of encouragement from you? Why do you think this thing may be scary for her? Will you commit to write a note, make a call, or send an email with a dose of courage inside?

yes I do I didnt think I did but then this lady at church who is taking over the childrens ministry has just taken on this position. it might be scary for her as its a new thing for her. I shall send her a card. I often encourage verbally those in ministry 🙂 and give them a hug

3. Read Moses’ song in Exodus 15:3-18. What line speaks to you most? Why does it touch you?

18 The LORD will reign for ever and ever.

He will always be in control. He will always look after us. Such reassurance.

4. Based on the applications of living either inside or outside the Promise, where would you now say you currently reside?

Inside the Promise

5. If you are ‘Somewhere in the Middle’ between the girl you were and the one you want to be, how do you plan on changing that? Is there a barrier you feel you can’t climb? Knowing God is for you and this study group is for you, is there a way we can help?

Living the way He wants me to all the time.  Please pray for me I am not married yet I have not and am not saving myself for it 😦  Its a secret that I am ashamed to share.  I realize that  some things have to be worked through before I can marry the man of my dreams Muzz.  Basically it comes down to the fact that I feel I need to get a job before we get married.  His job wont support us enough.  I dont really want to get a job as I love being a sahm to Daniel.  I feel I am making excuses.  I feel maybe I should be trusting God more.  However I have strong beliefs that it was a lack of $$ and other things that made my marriage to my daughters father fail.  I dont want to go into marriage without a job.  It feels like a bit of a mess Im in.

Encylopedia of Me E is for . . .

Posted On September 5, 2007

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My favorite subject has always been English. I even went back a year after leaving high school and did a night course and got my 6th Form certificate in English.


Total Recall – August recall

Posted On September 4, 2007

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August in review

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?

Hero Tales book 1 – Dave and Neta Jackson, Lessons I Learnt in the Light – Jennifer Rothschild, dark blue – Melody Carlson

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?
Home Alone 1 and 3 on DVD and caught some of Good Morning, the news, close up, Coronation Street, Family Feud.

What special days did I celebrate and how?
We celebrated Billys 12th birthday and we went to BK for lunch

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
I gave Billy a new lunchbox for school packed with goodies

Our next door neighbours will girl turned 5 and I gave her a bracelet and a mirror on a toy castle

earlier in the month I also gave her some girlie stuff I found when having a clean up

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?

Daniel got a school sore I was a bit concerned about that but its healing up now.

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
bday parties, went to the beach, saw a house being built, school trip

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
none although we hadnt been to BK in ages and I decided I actually prefer it over McDs

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
Billys lunchbox I hadnt brought one in years

What were this month’s disappointments?
some might say the fact that I made a barrier for Danies door to keep in his room at night and then we ended up not using it because he doesnt like it but Im ok with it really. I quite like cosleeping with my wee boy

What were my accomplishments this month?

Making a barrier for Billys door that we are using happily

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