Works of God Weekend

Posted On September 9, 2007

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I want to thank God again this weekend for blessing me with Muzz.  Yesterday  I was really sick yesterday I had no energy and had a sore face and throat.  I laid around all day.  I read heaps of my book and Muzz bless him took over looking after the boys, changing nappies, making lunch, cooking dinner and cleaning up afterwards.  I am truly blessed to be able to have Muzz in my life.  Thank you God and thank you Muzz.


‘I AM’ Bible Study Lesson Fourteen

Posted On September 5, 2007

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Burning Questions:

1. We talked of the importance of encouragement when God has called us to task. Has a lack of encouragement or even ridicule ever taken you back to a place of insuffiency you thought you had conquered?

I dont think so

2. Is there someone you know right now who is attempting a new ministry that could use a world of encouragement from you? Why do you think this thing may be scary for her? Will you commit to write a note, make a call, or send an email with a dose of courage inside?

yes I do I didnt think I did but then this lady at church who is taking over the childrens ministry has just taken on this position. it might be scary for her as its a new thing for her. I shall send her a card. I often encourage verbally those in ministry 🙂 and give them a hug

3. Read Moses’ song in Exodus 15:3-18. What line speaks to you most? Why does it touch you?

18 The LORD will reign for ever and ever.

He will always be in control. He will always look after us. Such reassurance.

4. Based on the applications of living either inside or outside the Promise, where would you now say you currently reside?

Inside the Promise

5. If you are ‘Somewhere in the Middle’ between the girl you were and the one you want to be, how do you plan on changing that? Is there a barrier you feel you can’t climb? Knowing God is for you and this study group is for you, is there a way we can help?

Living the way He wants me to all the time.  Please pray for me I am not married yet I have not and am not saving myself for it 😦  Its a secret that I am ashamed to share.  I realize that  some things have to be worked through before I can marry the man of my dreams Muzz.  Basically it comes down to the fact that I feel I need to get a job before we get married.  His job wont support us enough.  I dont really want to get a job as I love being a sahm to Daniel.  I feel I am making excuses.  I feel maybe I should be trusting God more.  However I have strong beliefs that it was a lack of $$ and other things that made my marriage to my daughters father fail.  I dont want to go into marriage without a job.  It feels like a bit of a mess Im in.

1 John in September

Posted On September 2, 2007

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For the month of September Im going to be partaking in this study

Here’s what I plan to do with this study:

  • I will read the chapter for the week once each day through September
  • Sometime during the week i will read all of 1 John in one sitting so that I keep the bigger picture in view


Does this sound like something you’d like to do too? Vibrance in Ministry is hosting this study

Today we are looking at 1 John 1

My thoughts

When I read verse 5
I drew the conclusion that since “God is light and there is no darkness in him at all.” Then if we find ourselves in dark depressing times He can bright lightness into our lives and show us the way through the darkness to a brighter day. What a reassurance that is. And He did me bring me though a terrible time last year. praise Him.

Verse 7 reminds me of the saying that Christians cant live a solitary life
We need others to learn and get support from

verse 9 and 10
We are all sinners but He loves us so unconditionally that He castes our sins very far and wide. Praise Him for loving us so.

Posted On September 2, 2007

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Bless Muzz for babysitting Daniel last night

while I went down to help at youth group

they had a sleep over and I helped supervise the children while we watched videos and ate popcorn

It was a good evening

wonder how much sleep they all got???

Works of God Weekend

Posted On August 26, 2007

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Yesterday was such a good but BUSY day

I want to thank God today for blessing me with a GREAT friend

Last night we went over to my friends house for dinner and Billy stayed the night.

This friend is from church she use to be the youth group leader, she is a GREAT solomum of one of Billys best friends

Although shes been through some hard times in the last year shes always been an inspiration and a support to me

I LOVE having her as a sister in the Lord

Thank you Jesus for blessing me with my special friend

Thanks for having Billy and a great dinner and company last night LUV YA my special friend


Dark Blue – Book Review

Posted On August 24, 2007

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I have just finished my 4th book in this challenge


I found this book laid the foundations of whom the characters are well. It made me think of my own school days and stuff I went through. It made me realize how much breaking up with ones best friend can be as hard as breaking up with a boyfriend (for some people anyway). Just as I was questioning where God was in this book He showed up 🙂 I would say I enjoyed the book much more after that. Not that the beginning was bad – it just didnt have God as a main character in the beginning. I loved how the boy whom introduced the main character to God as his best friend. Later she in turn was able to do the same. Arent we blessed that God can be our best friend. Is God your best friend???

‘I AM’ Bible Study Lesson 13

Posted On August 23, 2007

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1. Do you struggle with a sense of self-worth? How do you perceive this has affected the way you are able to ‘keep your head upright’? If not, do you know someone who suffers in this area?

Yes I have always struggled with a sense of self worth. I think this stems from childhood. However I have gotten better since finding the Lord. It doesnt really matter what people think of me as long as I am pleasing my Lord. Also when I muck up He forgives me – how blessed I am because of Him

2. What are you most afraid of? Does this fear affect the way you move through life? (Ex. Are you overprotective with children? Afraid to take risks?)

I am a bit of a worrier. Being safe is important to me. However, I have lived through some unsafe times and He has seen me through I am confident that if rough unsafe times should come He will see me through again. I do prefer not to take risks.

3. What is one of the most marvelous ways God has provided a need? I can’t wait to hear your stories on this one!

We were going through a rough time at the end of last year God reminded me to lean on Him. He taught me that whatever comes He will be there. He is a need that thankfully I have because of Him.

4. Steve Brown, a Moody Broadcasting Bible Teacher, is one of the first people I ever heard teach the concept that God was not mad at me. I grew up in a denomination that led me to believe He was in a continuous state of disappointment over my failures. How about you? Though in your heart you know God says He loves you, does Satan in your mind ever try to convince you otherwise?

Sometimes Satan does try but I tell Him where to go now. I know God is always there for me and that He loves me unconditionally.

5. How close are you to your own Promised Land? Not at all, 1/2 way, almost there? By this I mean the place of abundant living and effectiveness here on earth, not the ultimate fulfillment in Glory! Though I hope you are going to heaven, I don’t want it to be today! 🙂

I think I am 1/2 way there. I believe God has put me where I am today and He will lead me on even further as the years go by.

Works of God Weekend

Posted On August 19, 2007

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Today at church we looked at James 4:13-15:12 which lead me to thinking about the miners lost recently. When they went to work in the morning they didnt know it would be the last time they saw their families, that they would get trapped and probably lose their lives. Know of us know when our last day will be. We always need to ready to be called home. We need to daily abide in Him.

I also thought of my friend Denise whom is very slowly recovering from an eye operation and is in a lot of pain.

I also prayed for people whom dont know God and hurt others. They so need a touch from God. If they truely knew God then they wouldnt hurt others.

My Friends………

Posted On August 18, 2007

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The most precious gift you will ever receive;
is prayer from someone who in Jesus believes.
It’s not wrapped with ribbons or bows,
and few people hear and few people know.
But it’s written in the chronicles of heaven.
Each prayer muttered, is a special gift given.
And yes, I said a prayer for you tonight;
For you to be calmed from all your fright.
For healing, and you to learn of God and His ways.
And, be able to look up at Him
and give Him honor and praise.
I can’t see your face
and barely know who you are;
But I know one thing,
each muttered prayer will go so very far.
Oh my brothers and sisters in Christ;
Each prayer you whisper
is the greatest gift you will find.
It comes from the love of a pure heart;
That will last forever and never depart.
Someday we will all meet face to face;
We will be able to give such a warm embrace;
As the Kingdom of Heaven allows us to share;
In person what we can only do in prayer.
The most precious gift you will give; Is a prayer,
a sweet smelling fragrance so others can live.
By laying down your life in such a simple way,
Gives more to another than any gift will ever convey.
Oh prayer, no it does not have ribbons or bows;
It costs us our time, and our love that we share.

~~ Author Unknown ~~

Hero Tales – Book Review

cgchallenge07.jpgIve finished reading my second book in this Challenge

1248.jpg Hero Tales Book 1 Dave and Neta Jackson

This great book told true stories about the lives of Christian Heroes of the past. It was set out well. The first chapter about each hero was a summary of their life. The second and subsequent chapters told stories about their life. After each of these chapters there is a definition about the characteristic of that person. Then there is a bible verse and some questions to do with that chapter.

I had to laugh when I read about William Tyndale. He is the man that gave us the English bible. Before that the bible was only written in Latin. The archbishop reckoned that it should have been translated by a scholar not a priest. He sold up all the bibles and burnt them. However, what the archbishop forgot was that books sold in shops have a royality attached to them. Thus when Humphrey Monmouth a friend of William’s and shipping merchant produced bags and bags of coins and declared “Ha, ha-ho, ho,” “This is your share of the money from all the books that the archbishop bought – enough for an even larger printing!” (Jackson, 1996, page 172) As William Tyndale said “No one can stop God . . .” (Jackson, 1996, page 172) God has a sense of humour. Im sure He was smiling too. He has been able to have so many more people come to Him since the Bible has been translated into English.

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